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Skin Art



TRUE FATE Skin Art came out of necessity.

Once taboo, tattooing is becoming socially acceptable, popular, and in demand.

Proprietor Art Guevara; "Since becoming an artist at the age of five, I have accumulated many artistic mediums, tattooing being one of them. As a child, I was in awe of my Grandfathers and Fathers talents. Following in their footsteps, at the ripe age of thirty-five, I traveled coast to coast tattooing. I recently returned from Tokyo, Japan where I played a huge part in an art show. While there, I painted a 9’x9’ mural. The world of art has carried me to great heights."

With the combination of fine art and the progression of tattooing, the days of skin art done in dirty shops and dark alleys are gone. Skin art has reached a level of mainstream popularity as well. Even the Palms Casino and Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas house skin art studios within their walls. This has thrust skin art, not only into the limelight, but also into the heart of the American consumer. Now, white-collar people are willing to spend their hard-earned money on skin art. The high quality of the tattoo that is being produced has played a large role in this shift. People from all lifestyles appreciate good art and most want to participate in some way. Tattooing provides a medium to do so. All of these opportunities were born out of the fact that people began to realize that not only was tattooing an art, but that these skin artists were very skilled. With a multitude of tattooing milieus available for study, skin art has continually gotten better. Tattoo artists commonly choose one form, whether it be Japanese, portrait, tribal, or any number of others, and then focus specifically on developing their skill and expertise in that style. The combination of the fine arts and skin art is a treat to see as most of the artists have started their art training as painters, graphic artists, air brush artists and architects This results in an array of multitalented SUPER artists that have broken from the traditional canvas and have gone where most artists are scared to go. With all these talents and people skills, I will create a Fine Art full service Skin Art Studio. As the story develops, we can make the TRUE FATE be a star in the tattoo world for attracting famous Celebrities, Pro Skateboarders, Pro Surfers, Rock Stars, and the Average Joe alike. The plan is to be able to produce beautiful Skin Art so we can be recommended by other recognized names in the art community.


Survivor of a 2002 shooting by a gang member; after a Los Angeles Kings hockey game at our beloved staple center. Six years later.... Still here!!! The recovery was difficult. Shot point blank in the left rib the bullet traveled diagonally through the intestine nine times and settled just below the skin around the mid right hip area. Cross Country!! “ Been there done that, I guess we can call this the story of my life!!” Arturo Guevara, third generation artist in the Guevara clan, he grew up in the Southern California lifestyle. Skateboarding and surfing since he can remember. Under the influence of these great passions; the artist was inspired to emerge. Not knowing as the young rebel without a clue that the future held such great memories. Showing works since he was thirteen he recognized there was a place for him to dive in head first and not look back, "When I paint I’m in a trance, The paint, the music, the flow is one!” His prowess with color balance and texture is keen to the observer. As you feel the colors collide, slide, and dance for the captivated audience. Proficient from spray can to spatula, his main medium is acrylic, creating images from dreams, mental pictures and experiences. Over the past eight years the Guevara family has annually exhibited there now four generation's show at the Santora Building in Santa Ana, Ca.,and also in Baja California. As we now have found our new home in Laguna Beach, Ca. This is an exciting time for the Guevara Family and we will bring not only our works to the table but our esteemed colleagues from around the world! Arturo has been published in magazines such as, Juxtapoz, Blue Magazine(Japan), Fine Magazine(Japan), The Orange County Register, Apperal News, Tattoo Magazine, Skunk Magazine, and High Times. Some of Guevara's favorite artist, Dali, Warhol, Robert Williams, Rodin, Keith Haring, and Chagal to name a few. Among the great artist hes had the pleasure of knowing was the Maestro Raul Angiano recently passing January 14,2006 at the age of ninety................. Angiano’s colors & technique impressed Guevara so... That he sports a tattoo symbolizing Brotherhood of an early painting Arturo studied as a teen. Angiano will be missed...

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